Remember 8 couples who broke up in August and the controversies involved in the breakups

It wasn’t just Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera; other famous couples split in August 2021 (Images: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

One of the things that most attracts Internet users’ curiosity about the lives of famous people is the affective part: knowing who’s been picking up who, what is it affair and what is dating… At the end of August, in addition to Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera, other famous couples ended their romance and you can check the list below.

Jade Picon and João Guilherme

jade picon and João Guilherme was the most recent breakup. Larissa Manoela’s ex-boyfriend took up the relationship with Leo Picon’s sister approximately 3 years ago. João praised their relationship in the statement: “You can know that I changed and learned a lot. I am grateful and happy to have you close to me, I admire you and I love you”. Jade also spoke of the good moments of the two and tried to focus on the actor’s qualities.

Caio Castro

Caio Castro was seen without commitment rings and involuntarily signaled the end of the relationship, making Grazi Massafera confirm the breakup, explaining that it was a mutual decision. The actor was irritated by the rumors that he had betrayed Sofia’s mother and declared: “It becomes a lack of respect. We decided to separate for our reasons. We were mature and respect, above all, our love”. The couple had been together since 2019.

Luisa Sonza

speak in Luisa Sonza and vitão is to remember controversies. The involvement between the two began in the Flores video, in June 2020, when she was still married to Whindersson. Rumors arose that the singer would have been a betrayal, but the former couple denied it, just before their professional colleagues embarked on a relationship. Interestingly, the two broke up shortly after starring in Woman of the Year.

Maria Lina and Whindersson Nunes

Almost at the same time that his ex-wife was unhindered again, Whindersson Nunes announced that the engagement with Maria Lina came to an end. The two started getting involved in October 2020 and the model even had a youtuber child, who unfortunately died after two days of life. Neither of the two explained what motivated the decision, but they also maintained a friendly posture to talk about the matter.

Vicente Escrig and Simaria

Simaria was married for 14 years with Vincent Writer and the couple had two children: Giovanna (8) and Pawel (5). Simone’s sister warned that the divorce did not devastate her and that she wants to have a friendly relationship with the Spanish businessman: “I take this opportunity to reassure my fans and say that I’m fine. Every change that happens for the better will always be welcome”. The couple maintained maximum discretion about exposing their marriage on social media.

Yugnir and Mirela Janis

Mirela Janis and Yugnir they were in love in the fifth season of Power Couple Brasil, so much so that there was even a request for an engagement, but it all came to an end shortly after the reality show on Record. The former MTV accused the music manager of not being honest with her and made it clear that there is no going back in this case: “I’m tired of lies, I’m tired of partying, I’m tired of it all (…) The other time, I cried, I came back, I wanted to give it another chance, but I already did. it wasn’t reciprocal”.

Sammy and Pyong Lee

the wedding of Pyong Lee and Sammy Lee it has been the target of controversy since the BBB 2020, when YouTuber decided to be confined to following the birth of his son Jake and also had dubious approaches with some sisters. On the eve of Ilha Record’s debut, the station showed a scene of Pyong in the quilt with Antonela, immediately ending this relationship. Even after showing that nothing happened, the decision so far has not been reversed.

Emilly Araújo and Paulo Simão

the dating of Emilly Araújo and Paulo Simão proved to be unstable, as the two who started dating in 2018, broke up in 2019 and resumed in 2020, becoming an engagement. The BBB 2017 champion, who has been more discreet on social media, said the decision was mutual and admitted that she found herself crying at this stage.

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