Remember her? Emilly from BBB can be the highlight of the Farm 13 – 08/31/2021

The latest rumor about the list of entries for the inevitable season of A Fazenda, which opens in mid-September on Record, is overwhelming. According to Leo Dias’ column on the Metrópoles portal, Emilly Araújo will be confined again, 4 years after winning the BBB.

Remember her? In a slightly less prestigious time on the reality show, Emilly had a trajectory worthy of the best champions: loved by millions, hated by so many others, no one was unaffected by her luminous presence on TV.

BBB 17 was Tiago Leifert’s first, at the time still trying to find his own voice in command of the program. The mission was quite delicate, with a claustrophobic final stretch thanks to the behavior of Marcos Harter, which culminated in his expulsion – and that months later he would conquer second place at the Fazenda, even though he repeated the modus operandi bizarre.

Emily has a perfect personality for the genre. She is self-confident, likes to tell fabulous stories to enrich the myth around herself, and is charismatic and engaging. Due to the success she had in that edition, I imagined that we would never see her in a reality show again.

If her participation in the Farm is confirmed, here is one of the candidates for the season’s great protagonist. Few figures moved social networks as much as she did, always in superlative terms. Good thing comes around.

We return at any time with new information.