Residential consumer who saves light will earn a bonus of R$ 0.50 per kWh – 08/31/2021

Aneel and the Ministry of Mines and Energy announced today the creation of a program to encourage consumers to reduce energy consumption in the midst of the water crisis. The initiative goes into effect tomorrow, September 1st.

The bonus will be R$50 reais for every 100 kWh reduced — which means R$0.50 for every kWh. For comparison purposes, the average consumption of a home in Brazil was 162 kWh per month in 2019, according to EPE (Energy Research Company).

To receive the prize, it is necessary to reduce consumption by at least 10%, but the payment will be limited to 20%, even if the economy is greater. The measure will last until December of this year and may be extended according to the demand in the sector.

The government had already announced consumption reduction targets for public buildings and guidelines to encourage voluntary cuts for large consumers, such as industries, shopping malls and large companies.

The announcement comes after the creation of a new tariff flag for electricity bills, called the water scarcity flag. The rate has the value of R$ 14.20 per 100 kWh, and will be in effect until the end of April 2022. The new value represents an increase of 49.6% (or R$ 4.71) in relation to the current red flag level 2 (R$ 9.49 per 100 kWh), which was being applied to the electricity bill.

Brazil is experiencing the worst drought in more than 90 years in the area of ​​hydroelectric power plants, and measures are being adopted by the government to prevent the lack of rain from turning into power cuts or shortages. The water crisis demands a greater activation of thermoelectric plants, which are more expensive.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque will still make a statement on the national radio and TV channel this evening. The speech will start at 8:30 pm and should last just over five minutes.