Rio only has doses for vaccinating teenagers for this Tuesday; if you do not receive a new shipment, immunization will be suspended | Rio de Janeiro

This Tuesday is the turn of the 16 year old boys and the recap of people over 40 years old. The application of the second dose happens normally.

The stock of vaccines by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday is 16.9 million doses, being 4.3 million Pfizer, 11.4 million Coronavac, 1.2 million astraZeneca and 16 thousand doses from Jansen.

Pfizer vaccine is authorized by Anvisa to be applied in adolescents — Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

proof of vaccination

It was scheduled for Wednesday (1) that cariocas and tourists would have to prove that they were vaccinated to be able to enter places of collective use in the city. The measure was postponed to September 15 due to instability in the Connect SUS system.

This proof can be the digital vaccination card from ConnectSUS, the physical booklet itself or a letterhead from the Municipal Health Department. Those who only took the first dose and are waiting for the second application also need to show that their turn has not yet come — the city hall presented a calendar with deadlines for vaccination.

  • Merchants offer discounts to customers who present proof of vaccination against Covid

16-year-old boys will be vaccinated against Covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro this Tuesday (31) — Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

What are the places of collective use?

  • gyms, swimming pools, training and fitness centers and social clubs;
  • Olympic villages, stadiums and sports halls;
  • cinemas, theatres, concert halls, game rooms, circuses, children’s recreation and skating rinks;
  • entertainment activities, except when expressly prohibited;
  • tourist sites, museums, art galleries and exhibitions, aquarium, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, presentations and drive-in;
  • conferences, conventions and trade fairs.

The decree determines that each establishment must carry out the entrance control, as long as it does not generate agglomeration.

Bars, restaurants, shopping malls and stores were not included in the decree and are free to enter — provided that the rules of social distancing already in force are respected.

People who have problems to prove vaccination through the Connect SUS and have been vaccinated in the city of Rio de Janeiro, must send the photo of the proof of vaccination, ID card with photo and CPF to the address [email protected] with the doubt or request for correction. Another possibility is to look for the health unit where you were vaccinated, taking the same documents.