Roberto de Andrade exposes surveys by Luan and confirms the future: “That’s what we have in mind today”

The board of Corinthians spared no efforts to qualify the cast coach Sylvinho with an eye on the 2021 season sequence. Seeking to strengthen his group, Timão got it right. four big signings, closing with the midfielders Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Willian, in addition to the attacker Roger Guedes. Behind the scenes, the club was also the target of polls.

In view of the new contracted alternatives for the offensive sector, the situation in luan has been on the agenda in recent weeks. The 28-year-old attacking midfielder seeks reclaim space and was a starter last weekend. In an interview with the program “Arena SBT”, Corinthians’ soccer director, Roberto de Andrade, updated the status of shirt 7.

The leader, who denied Grêmio interest, the club where Luan stood out in his career, confirmed that the player was the target of polls. Nonetheless, the queries did not please Timon, who did not open any negotiations involving the attacking midfielder, who remains integrated into the squad and will fight for position with his new teammates.

The coach highlighted the confidence in the attacking midfielder (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

The coach highlighted the confidence in the attacking midfielder (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

No, the Grêmio didn’t exist at all. There were some surveys, but nothing interesting neither for the athlete nor for us, but we believe in him a lot., so much so that he played (against Grêmio) that he’s going to help us. That’s what we have in mind today. He stays at Corinthians”, guaranteed Roberto de Andrade.

In an interview with SportTV’s “Bem, Amigos!”, the coach defended the shirt 7. “Luan is a high level athlete, he has to be respected throughout his history, the club bets on him, he is an athlete who trains with dedication“, said Sylvinho. In the season, the attacking midfielder has 24 matches, being 18 as a starter, with four goals and two assists.