Romana Novais explains controversy involving her husband Alok for not wearing a wedding ring

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Romana Novais, wife of Alok, last Sunday (29) , spoke on his social networks about his relationship with the DJ. The influencer posted a question box in its stories of Instagram, where he had several questions and doubts about the marriage.

What most caught the doctor’s attention was why the husband did not wear a wedding ring. Romana answered this question and generated several comments about the couple’s attitude.

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Romana Novais responded to the comment saying: “I use the Alok not. But, he has this permanent Hahaha and the my opinion is that each couple does which wanting to, often wearing a wedding ring doesn’t mean anything, what matters is the responsibility and respect that each one carries in their hearts and attitudes”.

The influencer was very clear saying that wearing a wedding ring didn’t matter, and the most important thing for her is the respect between her and her husband. She left everything explained in the instagram question box. Also, he has a permanent tattoo on his finger, which he made with the letter of her name in honor of her.

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Romana Novais talks about her marriage

Romana Novais clears other doubts from her fans and followers, about marriage if she is jealous of Alok because he travels alone, and she responds: “By no means do I understand that it’s very important to him. I stay here taking care of the children for/ for him to be even more at peace and focused on his work! AND Also I trust on what we build together”!

Is it over there also gave a brief explanation on instagram that they were not in crisis in marriage, because of the rumors they were having. And just like all couples who fight, or fall out and everything with a good conversation is not resolved.

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