São Paulo terminates Ceni’s “hot” boy contract

This Monday (31), the São Paulo terminated the contract with a player who appeared as a great promise, but ended up not living up to expectations. This is Júnior Tavares, left-back who came from Grêmio in 2016, and won the Copa RS and the Copa do Brasil U-20 in the youth categories of the Tricolor in São Paulo.

As of 2017, with the arrival of coach Rogério Ceni, he joined the professional squad, assuming the title right away, as São Paulo lost Mena during the transfer window and did not find any name for the position. Júnior even played well in the Campeonato Paulista, but lost his position in the Brasileirão.

At the end of that year, an exchange with Corinthians was considered, also involving striker Lucca. The player’s mother, however, said she was against this deal, saying that her son would never play for the rival. Júnior Tavares remained at São Paulo, had a short period of tests at Rennes, and was loaned to Sampdoria.

Without many opportunities in Italy, the left-back was at Portimonense in the 2019-20 season, and played last year with the Sport shirt. At Leão, he played 35 matches and didn’t score any goals, remaining in Sander’s reserve most of the time. Dismissed by the club, São Paulo opted to terminate the contract.

At the age of 25, Júnior Tavares starts looking for a new club to play, much less valued than in 2017, when he stood out in the Campeonato Paulista under the command of Rogério Ceni. In Tricolor, there were 50 games and no goals scored.