SBT auctions Silvio Santos’ NFTs in celebration of the station’s 40th anniversary

SBT will auction four unique non-fungible tokens (NFT) that illustrate important moments for the broadcaster in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

According to a press release, the collection that is up for auction brings together four images of the presenter Silvio Santos in historical broadcasts on SBT, entitled: “Where it all began – 1981”; “From a new house – 1996”; “Topa Tudo por Dinheiro – 1992” and “Teleton – 1998”.

The tokens were generated in Polygon’s blockchain and interested parties can place their bids using MATIC, the network’s native cryptocurrency. The tokens needed to participate in the trade can be purchased by credit card and through the Metamask wallet directly from InspireIP, the marketplace that hosts the auction.

“The offer of these NFTs to SBT and Silvio Santos fans also symbolizes a new moment for SBT in the broadcaster’s digital transformation process,” said the head of innovation Fernando Pensado, who emphasizes that SBT is the first broadcaster Brazilian to get involved with NFTs.

The statement emphasizes that only one NFT will be generated for each image, making it an exclusive item of the holder. The possession of the token, it is worth remembering, does not give the user the right to exploit the image commercially, but trading the NFT with other people is allowed later in the marketplace.

The initial value of each NFT in reais is around R$40, with an increase of R$10 for each bid. The auction will close on September 30, at 5 pm EDT. A tutorial on how to participate in trading is available on the broadcaster’s official website.