SBT bets on Silvio Santos’ return after 3rd dose of vaccine against Covid

Silvio Santos is far from the SBT studios and the big bet in the channel’s corridors is that the presenter will start recording again after receiving the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. He returned to work after the pandemic broke out in July, but had to take time off after he became infected with the disease.

According to the on the small screen, there is a concern in the family about the health status of the presenter. Because of this, there is some fear of returning before being even more protected. Internally at SBT, it is believed that the boss will only be back when he receives the booster dose.

According to the calendar made available by the Government of the State of São Paulo, vaccination for the age group between 90 and 80 years old will start on September 6th. After he is vaccinated again, he will need to wait a period of 14 days for the immunizer to take full effect. Afterwards, he will have more security to return to the SBT studios, something that should only happen in October.

Silvio Santos and Covid-19


Silvio Santos hospitalized with Covid-19 on the same day of the death of actor Tarcísio Meira (1935-2021), on August 11th. Only the symptoms were mild and he returned home two days later. Patricia Abravanel said that no one was able to hold him at the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo. “It’s indomitable,” she joked during Vem Pra Cá on August 19th.

The presenter said that the family went through a very difficult week after the father was diagnosed with the disease, in the week of Tarcisio Meira’s death. “We reacted with great fear, because we never know how Covid-19 will act, how it will happen to whoever gets it. We were very impressed. But he was not hospitalized, Wednesday was the big scare,” he commented.

According to Patrícia, the owner of SBT managed to take the situation in a good mood at the hospital and played all the time with the team, but suddenly, everything changed, and many met another Silvio. “The weather changed. He asked for the clothes. In this situation you have to lie,” she said, telling the animator that they had been taken by the driver.

While trying to “run away”, he “fought” with the team saying he would report them. “He put his clothes on by himself, didn’t want help, got all the business and he walked towards the barrier of doctors. When he got in the car, he went back to playing with the nurses. He smiled again. When he sat in the car, I thought that amazing.”

The presenter justified her father’s attitude: “A lot of overcoming diseases is also the head. It’s been much better to stay at home than in the hospital. At home, whether you like it or not, you have to get out of bed to eat, take a shower. Yesterday we had the great news that all exams are improving, as if the body had beaten the virus. It has already. And maybe on Sunday we will be celebrating the complete victory against this virus. My mother did not contract the disease but she is isolated from them. Silvio Santos defeated the coronavirus! The biggest celebration is that he is in great health, defeating this very malignant virus”, he celebrated.

Silvio returned to recording new programs in July

At the end of July, Silvio Santos returned to recording new programs, four months after taking the second dose of the vaccine. The auditorium was not at full capacity and all wore masks, following all security protocols against the coronavirus. The following week, on August 4, Iris Abravanel’s husband returned to recording and surprised the audience by showing up at the studios dressed in pajamas.

The recordings in the week Silvio received the diagnosis were cancelled, which raised the suspicion that something was up. José Luiz Datena reported that Silvio was with Covid-19 in Brasil Urgente on Thursday (12). The next day, the presenter’s daughters confirmed the diagnosis on social networks.

“Our father is clinically fine. The way we love… Playing with everyone, making jokes, curious, relaxing the environment. But he tested positive for Covid. Due to his age and the need for frequent tests, the doctors decided to admit him . We will soon send more good news. Thank you for the love you always have,” published Patrícia and Silvia Abravanel, signing the communiqué with the other sisters Cintia, Daniela, Rebeca and Renata.