SC’s most expensive gasoline is in Western cities; see price in your region

The average price of a liter of regular gasoline exceeds R$ 6 in the west of Santa Catarina, according to a survey by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) released this Monday (30). The survey was carried out between the 22nd and 28th of August, in 20 cities in the state.

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The municipality with the most expensive gasoline is Concordia, with an average of R$ 6.07 per liter. The survey, which was carried out at six gas stations, showed that the lowest price in the city is R$ 5.98, while the highest is R$ 6.19.

Caçador, in the Midwest, has the second most expensive gasoline in the state, if you take into account the average price, with R$ 5.90. Biguaçu, in Greater Florianópolis, appears on the list with the third highest average, with fuel in the range of R$ 5.89.

On the other hand, Itajaí, on the North Coast, is the city with the lowest average price, with R$ 5.53. In all, 10 posts in the municipality participated in the survey. In the cheapest establishment, gasoline cost R$ 5.39, while in the most expensive the price was R$ 5.59.

In the North, Joinville has the lowest average, with R$ 5.55, followed by Jaraguá do Sul, with R$ 5.60.

In Florianópolis, the average price of regular gasoline was R$ 5.87. The survey was carried out in 27 posts in the Capital. In Blumenau, the liter costs, on average, R$ 5.69.

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Additivated gasoline also exceeds BRL 6

Concordia is also the city with the most expensive additive gasoline in Santa Catarina. According to a survey by the ANP, the average price charged at service stations in the municipality is R$ 6.13, then Lages appears with R$ 5.99 and São José with R$ 5.98.

The cheapest additive gasoline was found in Itajaí, with an average price of R$ 5.66. Jaraguá do Sul, with R$ 5.69, and Joinville, with R$ 5.73, both in the North, also have the cheapest average.

In Blumenau, the average price for fuel was R$ 5.82. In Florianópolis, it can be found at R$ 5.90 a liter.

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Finally, in relation to diesel, Concordia appears once again with the highest average price: R$ 4.67. Tubarão, in the south of the state, has the lowest price, with fuel being sold at R$4.34 on average.

Barrel price and exchange rate fluctuation drive the rise

According to the economist and professor of economics and public finance at Udesc, Ivonetti Ramos, there are two factors that drive the rise in fuel prices: the price of a barrel of oil and the variation in the exchange rate.

— In the case of the barrel, it has been under pressure from demand, due to the resumption of economies. This year alone, the increase was 37%, which is very significant. In relation to the exchange rate, there was a very significant oscillation in recent months, with the restrictive monetary policy and the increase in the basic interest rate – he points out.

She explains that, because of these factors, it is likely that there will be other price increases in the coming months, which may also directly impact the price of other products.

— This increase in derivatives impacts the costs of other products. In addition to gasoline, there is an increase in diesel, which impacts freight costs, and cooking gas. Added, it all affects prices too much – emphasizes.

Therefore, the economist says that, with the rise, the best way is to find ways to save to avoid indebtedness:

— It is important to keep an eye on the research and see what can be replaced, adopting the carpool system. The important thing is not to go into debt.

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