Security scheme of the act of September 7 to have weapons review and closure of Praça dos Três Poderes

BRASÍLIA – The security scheme during the demonstrations called by the Pocketinarians on the 7th of September holiday in Brasília will include a review against weapons and the total closure of Praça dos Três Poderes. The announcement was made this Tuesday by the secretary of Public Security of the Federal District, Júlio Danilo. According to him, access to the Esplanada dos Ministérios, where the protests should be concentrated, will be open only to pedestrians. According to the secretary, 13 right-wing groups have already requested authorization to hold demonstrations in the area.

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The demonstrations scheduled for September 7 were called by militants in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro. Earlier this month, singer and former federal deputy Sérgio Reis recorded a video calling for stoppages by truck drivers and protests in Brasília to pressure the STF and the Legislative. Bolsonaro has already said that he will speak at the events scheduled for the holiday. The protests will come amid escalating tensions between the president and the judiciary.

On August 20, the president asked for the impeachment of the minister of the Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes, who conducts fake news inquiries, one of those that most worries the president. In early August, the minister included Bolsonaro as one of those investigated in the case.

In addition to the requests for demonstrations by right-wing groups, the secretary said that three left-wing groups also asked for authorization to carry out protests on the 7th. area of ​​the city to avoid contact between antagonistic groups.

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Júlio Danilo stated that the searches will be necessary to guarantee the protesters’ safety.

— The right to demonstrate allows people to demonstrate together as long as they are not carrying weapons. That’s why we do this magazine line. The intention is that they can manifest themselves safely – he said.

Regarding the security of the STF and Congress buildings, the secretary informed that each branch’s own schemes will act, but that, if necessary, police forces from the Federal District will be used. The intelligence service, according to Júlio Danilo, will also be aware of whether a given building will need reinforcement or not.

The secretary also stated that there will be no inspection as to the content of posters and banners. The statement was in response to a question about what action would be taken in the face of the emergence of undemocratic content or aggressive to institutions and authorities during the demonstrations.

— It will be ensured that people can demonstrate safely and peacefully. This line of the right to manifest or not is fine. A structure will be set up so that people can demonstrate in a non-violent, peaceful way. It is not directed in this sense, as to the theme to be addressed or not – said the secretary.