Security shocks by exposing how Luciana Gimenez met Mick Jagger

Luciana Gimenez
Security breaks the silence and exposes how Luciana Gimenez met Mick Jagger (Images: Reproduction / Disclosure)

Mother of Lucas Jagger, one of the singer’s children Mick Jagger, from the band Rolling Stones, the presenter Luciana Gimenez was the target this week of a revelation hitherto kept under lock and key.

In an interview with the podcast Acismos, by Maurício Meirelles, the civil policeman Tulio Costa broke the silence and told how the contractor of RedeTV! met the international musician.

According to the boy, who throughout his life has been the security guard of several events with celebrities, Luciana strengthened ties with Jagger at a party promoted in Rio de Janeiro.

“He [Mick] I was at a party in a mansion in Cosme Velho. There was only the cream of the cream. Those who earn more than a million a month, like Luciano Huck, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil. Mick was enjoying his night, stoked, he went there only with his personal security and me”, started the professional.

“Then Luciana was very beautiful, that beauty. She greets me and asks to meet Mick. I spoke to his security guard and he agreed to meet her. She introduced herself to him and that was it”, he recalled then.

Túlio stated that years after the event he met Luciana again, which shocked her. “Then she was at a Prince Harry party in Rio, many years later, I told her if she remembered me. She said no. ‘I introduced you to Mick Jagger’… [Ela respondeu]: ‘Boy, I’m mad!’, completed.

Gimenez, it should be recapitulated, met Mick Jagger in 1998 and a year later gave birth to Lucas, amid the Rolling Stones star’s refusal to be a father and a legal fight to take responsibility.

At that time, the titleholder of Superpop became an international subject in newspapers and magazines. Recently, the famous opened an album with several clippings of controversial headlines and made it clear that, as much as laughter these days, this persecution of the press was painful.

I’m looking at the covers, I don’t know why. Look at the New York Post, there are several others. Sunday Times, The Sun. These days we laugh about it, but back then it wasn’t funny”, declared Luciana, while flipping through her saved in a video that was posted in Stories on her Instagram profile.


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