See how is today Kíria Malheiros, Bruna from the telenovela Império

Bruna from the telenovela Império grew! Played by child actress Kíria Malheiros, Danielle’s (Maria Ribeiro) daughter stole the show in Aguinaldo Silva’s plot by revealing to her former stepfather José Pedro (Caio Blat) that her mother is having an affair with Maurílio (Carmo Della Vecchia) . Today, the girl’s interpreter continues in her artistic career and got other jobs on TV.

Where is Kíria Malheiros?

When he gave life to the character Bruna in Império, Kíria was only 10 years old. Today, the actress is 17. After having played the role of Danielle’s daughter, the young woman played the child version of Carolina, a character by Drica Moraes, in Verdades Secretas, which is also being reruns on Rede Globo.

In 2015, Kíria participated in Malhação – Seu Lugar no Mundo in the role of Marina. At the station, she also played Esperança in the series Os Dias Eram Assim (2017).

Currently, the actress is at Record. Kiria lived Zilpah in the Jacob phase of the Genesis novel, which ended in the last week of August. The plot entered a new phase on Monday 30th.

And she doesn’t stop there: according to the Extra newspaper, the actress will be in the film “Confessions of a Girl”, by Netflix, which should open later this year.

bruna novel empire
Kíria Malheiros in Genesis – Photo: Reproduction/Record

Kíria Malheiros currently – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Who is Bruna from the telenovela Império?

In Império, Bruna is the daughter of Danielle, the wife of José Pedro. The girl is the result of another relationship with Maria Ribeiro’s character, but she is very attached to her stepfather, who treats her as if he were his daughter.

Bruna is very shaken when Danielle and José Pedro’s marriage comes to an end. Used to living in the Medeiros de Mendonça and Albuquerque family mansion, the young woman suffers when she moves to a hotel with her mother after the couple’s separation. Meanwhile, the Commander’s son engages in a relationship with Amanda (Adriana Birolli).

Danielle gets involved with Maurílio, Maria Marta’s fiance (Lilia Cabral). Bruna hates her new stepfather and runs away from the hotel. She goes to José Pedro’s house and tells her all about her mother’s affair with the villain.

Kiria Malheiros novel empire
Bruna was Danielle’s daughter and José Pedro’s (Caio Blat’s) stepdaughter in the soap opera Foto: TV Globo