Serasa extends until September 5th action to pay debts for R$ 100 | Economy

Until September 5, Brazilians can pay off debts for up to R$100 Reproduction/Free images

Posted 31/08/2021 14:52 | Updated 08/31/2021 15:01

Rio – Serasa decided to extend, until September 5th, the action that allows Brazilians to pay their debts for up to R$ 100. In total, there are more than 14 million agreements available in partnership with 24 companies. In July, according to the institution, more than R$3.8 billion were granted in discounts for debt settlement, with discounts reaching 99%.

“We want to make the financial life of Brazilians increasingly healthy and for that, it is essential to understand the current situation for consumers and the market, in addition to creating opportunities for more people to get out of default. Even at such a challenging time, the numbers show that Brazilians are looking for a way to pay off their debts and, therefore, the R$ 100 action was extended, so that more Brazilians have the opportunity to get rid of their debts”, explains Serasa’s marketing manager, Nathalia Dirani .

According to the manager, another benefit is the facility, where everything can be done within the Serasa app, from consultation to payment via digital wallet: “Deals are closed in less than three minutes and available debt consultations can be made for free on Serasa channels (website:, Serasa app on Google Play and App Store, WhatsApp: (11) 99575-2096 and toll free: 0800 591 1222”.

Right now, Serasa advises people to prioritize digital media. Those who prefer to negotiate in person at one of the Post Office units must follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Access the website to check the opening hours before going to one of the agencies, as recommended by Serasa.

Check it step by step

1st step

Access the website or download the application on your cell phone, enter your CPF and fill out a brief registration form. With this, it is possible to use the services with the guarantee that only you have access to your data. Consumers can also settle financial debts through WhatsApp, through the number (11) 99575-2096.

2nd step

Upon entering the platform, all the consumer’s financial information will already appear on the screen, including any debts they have. If you want to know the conditions offered for payment, just click on one of them and the options to renegotiate each debt will be presented.

3rd step

After you choose one of the value options, just choose whether it will be in cash or in installments and the best expiration date.

4th step

Serasa’s platform generates one or more slips, depending on the payment method chosen, with the correct expiration date. The ticket can be paid either online or at the bank branch or lottery house. It is also possible to pay for the agreement directly through Serasa’s digital wallet.