Serial killer who killed 3 women in Florida 20 years ago was Brazilian, says police – 08/31/2021 – Daily life

​A Brazilian was identified by the police as responsible for the murder of three women in the state of Florida, USA, about 20 years ago. Local authorities classified the suspect — who died in a plane crash — as a serial killer.

Roberto Wagner Fernandes, who lived in Miami in the 1990s and early 2000s, may be responsible for other murders, said the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in southeast Florida.

“I believe there are other cases out there and this is part of our ongoing investigation,” said Detective Zachary Scott. Fernandes would also have committed violent crimes against prostitutes in Brazil.

Police said the man was charged with the 1996 murder of his wife but was acquitted after pleading self-defense. The Brazilian then moved to Miami, where he worked as a flight attendant and tour bus driver.

According to police, the three dead Americans were involved in drugs and prostitution.

The first victim was Kimberly Dietz-Livesey — her body was found in a suitcase in June 2000. Two months later, the body of another woman, Sia Demas, was found inside a backpack on the side of a road.

A third victim, Jessica Good, was stabbed to death. His body was found floating in Biscayne Bay in August 2001.

According to the Miami Herald, two days after Good’s murder, the man had fled to Brazil, which had no extradition treaty with the United States.

In 2011, investigators were able to compare the DNA and fingerprints of Good’s murder to the deaths of Dietz-Livesey and Demas in Broward County, and the search for Fernandes resumed.

The Brazilian reportedly died in a plane crash in 2005, while flying to Paraguay. According to the Miami Herald, the flight to the neighboring country occurred after his wife’s family hired an assassin to kill him.

After learning of Fernandes’ death, the authorities went to look for his grave. “We had to confirm whether the death was real or not,” explained Sgt. Nikoli Trifonov. “People can fake their death, especially after committing murder.”

Fernandes’ remains were exhumed several months ago, and US authorities compared his DNA to the three murders in Florida — from the examination, police concluded that he was indeed responsible for the crimes.