SES DF Contest: Authorized

ORDINANCE No. 233, OF AUGUST 28, 2021

THE STATE SECRETARY OF ECONOMY OF THE FEDERAL DISTRICT, in the use of its powers, subject to the provisions of Complementary Law No. 840, of December 23, 2011, Law No. 4,949, of October 15, 2012, and Decree No. 40,467, of February 20, 2020, as applicable, RESOLVES:

Art. 1 To authorize the holding of public examination for the provision of vacancies in the Technical career in Nursing, established by Law No. 6.790, of January 18, 2021, and in the Management and Public Health Care career, established by the Law No. 6.903, of July 16, 2021.

Art. 2 The holding of the competitions referred to in art. 1st will be instructed with favorable manifestation of the technical areas of personnel, budget and finance, subordinated to the Executive Secretariats of this Folder.

Art. 3 The filling of career positions will be instructed with the prior authorization of the Secretary of State for Economy and is subject to:

I – existence of vacancies in the position in which the appointment will be made;

II – occurrence of vacancies that justify their corresponding replacements, until the end of the restriction period imposed by art. 8 of Complementary Law No. 173, of May 27, 2020; and

III – budgetary and financial adequacy of the new expense to the Annual Budget Law and its compatibility with the Budget Guidelines Law.

SES DF Contest: Authorized
SES DF Contest: Authorized

Art. 4 The amounts of immediate provision and the forecast of reserve registration will be those provided for in Process No. 00060-00386674/2021-18, pursuant to art. 2 of this Ordinance.

Art. 5 This Ordinance enters into force on the date of its publication.