SPFC director says Diniz was ‘unfortunate’ in controversy with Tchê Tchê

Carlos Belmonte, São Paulo’s sports director, participated today in a live with Eduardo Tironi and Arnaldo Ribeiro on the two journalists’ channel and commented on the episode when Tchê Tchê was offended by Fernando Diniz during the game against Red Bull Bragantino, valid for Brasileirão 2020. At the time, the coach called the player, among other things, a “little leg”.

‘It was the first game of the new board and we have already arrived with this ‘cucumber’. I just saw Tchê Tchê’s speech today, I have to be honest with you. Yes, Diniz was unhappy, we know that, Diniz knows that. That’s why it caused a lack of control in the dressing room, that this, that São Paulo that, I’m sorry, but if that were the case, in my opinion, we couldn’t even discuss it’, said Carlos Belmonte.

The sporting director complemented his answer:

‘That’s not football, it was an argument, Diniz was bad, he recognized he was bad, he apologized, Diniz is a good guy, is Tchê Tchê a good guy? ‘Oh, you didn’t get it right, was Tchê Tchê upset?’ Well, I understand, it’s fair, normal to feel that way, but then it goes beyond what I consider acceptable. It was not acceptable, the board was not passive, we were arriving, we spoke with Diniz, Diniz spoke with Tchê Tchê and we understood that the conversation was between them’.

Today, on PodPah, also on YouTube, Tchê Tchê talked about this episode with the presenters and revealed a feeling of resentment towards São Paulo for not taking a position and towards his then coach Fernando Diniz.

The drop in São Paulo’s performance in the final stretch of the 2020 Brasileirão is often attributed to this episode, but Carlos Belmonte denies that it interfered with the club’s sporting performance:

‘We lost because the team did poorly, the team dropped production, it happens and that’s why we lost the championship, that’s what football is all about, but here I would never defend what Diniz said, but after what he said, Diniz the entire time tried to apologize for what he said. Diniz made a mistake and one of the qualities is to recognize the mistake, he recognized the mistake.’

Carlos Belmonte also confirmed that striker Jonathan Calleri will wear the 30 shirt and gave an idea of ​​the player’s presentation at the Barra Funda CT:

Calleri is expected to arrive in Brazil on Thursday morning. New, you will be the first to know, Calleri will wear shirt number 30, which is another shirt that we have vacancies. As it arrives on Thursday, our idea is to present it on Wednesday, after the holiday.

In the first pass, Calleri wore the shirt 12, which is with Vitor Bueno. The shirt 9, traditional for attackers, is used by Pablo today.