Starts this Wednesday the vaccination against covid for 14 year olds

Vaccine against covid - Credit: DisclosureCovid vaccine – Credit: Disclosure

The Health Surveillance Department reports that it has received more doses of the Pfizer vaccine, so from this Wednesday (09/01) young people aged 14 can also get vaccinated.

All minors, as determined by the Ministry of Health, must be accompanied by their parents or guardians who need to carry a completed and signed consent form, which is available at the link wp-content/uploads/2020/03/TermoAssentimento-12a17anos.pdf.

The second dose of the immunizing agents Astrazeneca and Coronavac will also continue to be applied. People who must take the second dose of ASTRAZENECA by September 4 can anticipate immunization.

Check the locations, times and numbers of passwords that will be distributed:

9:00 am to 3:00 pm – In the Basic Health Units (UBS’s) of Maria Stella Fagá, Redenção and Azulville, with distribution of 150 vouchers for the first dose and 150 vouchers for the second dose. At the Family Health Units (USF) of Arnon de Melo/Angelina, Cruzeiro do Sul, Zavaglia, CDHU, Jockey/Guanabara, 150 tickets for the first dose and 100 tickets for the second dose will be distributed. Passwords on these units are only distributed from 8am onwards.

13:00 to 17:00 – UBS of Cidade Aracy. In this unit 150 tickets will be distributed for the first dose 150 for the second dose.

1:00 pm to 7:00 pm – In the UBS’s of Santa Felícia and São José, with distribution of 250 tickets for the first dose per unit and 150 for the second dose. The passwords in these units will start to be distributed from 9am.

DRIVE-THRU – 9:00 am to 1:00 pm – Fly stations with FESC drive-thru system, in Vila Nery and Shopping Iguatemi, continue to apply the first dose only for people aged 18 or over and the second dose of Astrazeneca and Coronavac vaccines with a distribution of 400 passwords per drive, being 100 for the first dose and 300 for the second dose.
The service at the mobile station at the Igreja Guadalupe in the Cidade Aracy neighborhood, also from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, only takes place for people aged 18 or for those who can already take the second dose. 150 tickets for the first dose and 100 tickets for the second dose are available for this unit.
Pregnant women and mothers with or without comorbidities can receive the vaccine in fixed units or mobile stations.
“In fact, this week, we have many more people who need to receive the second dose than young people from 14 years of age who should receive the first dose, but as we noticed a greater demand in the Santa Felícia and Vila São José units, we extended the time and number of passwords. Also, as young people are looking for these places in the morning to get the passwords, we decided, only in these UBS’s, to distribute the passwords as early as 9:00 am”, explains Crislaine Mestre, director of Health Surveillance.

REGISTRATION – To register, simply access and fill in the data. Everyone must also print and fill out the vaccination form available at the link Proof of address is required. Parents or guardians must have signed the consent form available at the link
Anyone who is going to receive the second dose just takes personal documents and a vaccination card.

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