Stranger Things 3 off Steam and GOG – will consoles be next?

BonusXP, developer of Stranger Things 3: The Game, announced that the game will be taken from Steam and GOG today, August 31st. A similar notice was posted on each platform, saying that:

Source: Steam

“On August 31, 2021, Stranger Things 3: The Game will be removed from sale on Steam (and GOG). We are so grateful to all the fans who traveled back in time to the summer of ’85 for this adventure through Hawkins.”

It’s important to note that if you purchased the game before it was removed from the platform, it won’t be lost from your library. The title will remain linked to your account and can be downloaded normally in the future.

But now gamers are wondering if the game will also come out of other stores where it is being sold, that is, on consoles. Netflix appears to be slowly removing all game content related to Stranger Things, having taken the game off the Xbox Game Pass and ending its collaboration with dead by daylight.

Many speculate that the platform decided to make this “clean” because it is preparing to invest in games on its own. As such, it is expected that the game will eventually be removed from PSN and Xbox Live as well as Nintendo’s store.

At the moment we don’t have any official announcements about his departure from consoles, but if you have any interest in playing Stranger Things 3: The Game on any of these platforms, it might be wise not to miss the opportunity to buy the game while you still can.