Surveillance discovers two more fake doctors working in RO; mother and son attended at a health clinic –

Medicines for hospital use were found at the clinic / Photo: Disclosure

The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rondônia (CREMERO) discovered on Monday (30), after receiving information, two more fake doctors working in Rondônia.

In this case, a 50-year-old woman was caught attending an occupational health clinic in Porto Velho, using the names and stamps of other doctors in her appointments. It was proved, even during the inspection, the illegal practice of medicine, also exercised by the son of the caught woman.

After being informed that she would be taken to the police station, the fake doctor said she would call her lawyer and took the opportunity to flee the scene. The 32-year-old son, who identified himself as responsible for the company, was sent to the police station to provide clarification.

During inspection, several medications for hospital use were found in the clinic, such as morphine ampoules, tramal, lidocaine, etc. The batch of these medications attests to the origin of the Hospital de Amor Amazônia, with possible diversion of these narcotics.

The inspection team contacted the hospital’s technical management and was informed that no removal of medicines to another location had been authorized, and that the medicines were possibly diverted by someone.

The false doctor was arrested and will answer for several crimes, such as ideological falsehood, illegal practice of medicine and drug trafficking.

In July, a woman who pretended to be a doctor was arrested in the act, working at the Covid Campaign Hospital, in Porto Velho.

CREMERO informs that it only has power of action between legitimate doctors and that cases of illegal practice of medicine will be referred to the criminal sphere.

To help identify false doctors and curb the illegal practice of medicine, CREMERO makes available on its website the “Search for a Doctor” section.

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