Taís Araújo explains talks about Luísa Sonza

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09/01/2021 08:40 amUpdated on 09/01/2021 08:43 am

Taís Araújo explained the mention he made to Luísa Sonza during “The Masked Singer” (TV Globo) yesterday. The judge guessed that Gata Espelhada would be the singer Lelezinha after receiving the tip that the person in costume is an independent artist.

It’s Lelezinha! Artist! Luísa Sonza, who I thought could be, she is not an artist. It’s very carioca. said Thai

Shortly after the show, on Twitter, she explained that her speech was cut off.

“So, guys from Twitter who like to cause things, here’s the thing: the program is edited. Luísa Sonza is indeed an independent artist. I had mentioned it before and they cut it out. I said, ‘See, this isn’t Luísa, because Luísa doesn’t speak artist [com ênfase na sílaba “ar”] just like carioca’. I was referring to the accent. Luísa is indeed an independent artist that I like a lot,” declared the actress.

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