Tatá Werneck vents about special recordings deleted by the producer of ‘Lady Night’

Credit: Disclosure

Tatá Werneck (Credit: Disclosure)

Tata Werneck used Twitter this Tuesday (31) to vent about “Lady Night“. The comedian said that she always asked the program’s producer, Floresta Produções, to preserve the raw content recorded by Tatá, mainly from the “Conversa com Especialidad” frame, but her request was not granted.

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“I always wanted to put the raw material in the air [do quadro] from the experts because we edit with a lot of attachment. The raw one is much better than the edited one, in fact, but we have little air time”, began Tatá. “I asked the producer for this material because I always told them I wanted to use it one day. And the producer erased everything”, said the actress sadly.

The comedian continued to vent, saying that incredible scenes were lost. “Years and years of material that I always said I wanted to use. Hours of improvisation. Everything thrown away. To give you an idea, there was a kiss from Caetano [Veloso] in Rafa [Vitti] that did not air. So much I wanted to do with that material. And I always did,” he continued. “Sorry, it may seem silly, but there are times of improvisation there, of encounters, thrown away by the producer”, he concluded.

Tatá made it clear that no matter how much it is shown by Multishow, which is owned by Globo, the station is not responsible for producing the program.

See Tatá’s tweet sequence:

https://twitter.com/Tatawerneck/status/1432713102408171536?s=20 https://twitter.com/Tatawerneck/status/1432713602755084296?s=20 https://twitter.com/Tatawerneck/status/1432715854349803525?s= 20 https://twitter.com/Tatawerneck/status/1432716802577022981?s=20

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