Tchê Tchê says he shouted ‘Eu Believe’ in the Rooster campaign at Libertadores 2013: ‘It was chilling’ – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético
Pedro Souza / Athletic

Tchê Tchê said that he always saw himself in the Atlético shirt

One of the Atletico squad players who is having a great season in 2021, defensive midfielder Tchê Tchê already had a connection with the club in 2013, when Galo won the Copa Libertadores. The player revealed that he followed the victorious campaign and also shouted the “Eu Believe” that came from the fans in the stands when the team needed to turn a result in the final phase of the competition.

Tchê Tchê’s revelation was made in an interview with the channel Podpah, from Youtube, when telling how it was to arrive at Atlético.

“The Rooster is a very crazy thing. Today I’m there and there’s a guy that I really rooted for, Réver, who won the Libertadores in 2013. I shouted ‘Eu Believe!’ because it was a ‘stuff’ that gave you goosebumps. The guys turned games… the Libertadores final, they lost 2-0, went to Mineirão, won 2-0 and were champions on penalties. I looked like that and said: ‘Man, the stuff belongs to the people’”, he was surprised.

The defensive midfielder also recalled the almost improbable turnarounds of the team from Alvinegro in the victorious campaign in the 2014 Brazil Cup. “There was an epic game against Flamengo and another against Corinthians,” he said.

Because of that old connection with Atlético, Tchê Tchê assured that he always saw himself in Atlético’s shirt and that he fulfilled a dream of playing for the club. “I always saw myself in the shirt. When I arrived, I said: ‘I saw myself with this shirt. I am fulfilling a dream of being here.’ I didn’t come to please the crowd and say that I always wanted to play here. No. I saw myself, for me it was a dream to wear a Rooster’s shirt”, he pointed out.

Want to stay at Atlético

Loaned by São Paulo until May 31, 2022, Tchê Tchê does not want to leave Atlético. When telling how was the adaptation of the family to Belo Horizonte, the difficulty of his son in the city and asking him to return to the capital of São Paulo, the player pointed out that now the situation is better and that he intends to stay at Galo.

“We want to spend years there, because I don’t want to leave there. I want to continue”, said the steering wheel.

In the loan contract to Atlético, São Paulo pre-fixed the economic rights of the player, if the club alvinegro opts for the purchase at the end of the contract.