Tchê Tchê’s statement on PodPah stirs Palmeiras fans, who mocks Roger Guedes on social media: “Professional posture”

Palmeiras beat Athletico Paranaense last Saturday (28) by 2-1 and is still looking for its 11th title in the Brasileirão. Deputy leader with 35 points, Alviverde is just 4 points behind Atlético Mineiro, who have 39 so far.. The championship leader is the team in which defensive midfielder Tchê Tchê is playing this season. Even from a distance, the midfielder shows a lot of gratitude to his former club.

The defensive midfielder was hired by the Greatest Champion of Brazil in 2016 right after the player conquered the vice-championship of São Paulo by Audax. It didn’t take long for the athlete to join Cuca’s cast on that occasion. So much so that Tchê Tchê along with his teammates gave the title of Brasileirão to Verdão, who hadn’t come since 1994. Even for that reason, the professional stated that he will always respect the São Paulo club’s shirt.

“I always respected Palmeiras’ shirt. I never lacked respect to please anyone. I won title there”, said Tchê Tchê on the PodPah.

Tchê Tchê revealed respect for Palmeiras

Their declarations made the player earn points with the crowd. That’s because, even working in São Paulo until last season, the athlete never disrespected Alviverde in lives nor erased photos from the period that defended the Greatest Champion in Brazil. “This is the attitude of a professional. Unfortunately, there are others who think that a career as a player is eternal”, congratulated a fan.

The indirect for the fans is for the forward Roger Guedes, from Corinthians, who played for Palmeiras during 2016 and 2017 and then ended up being transferred to Atlético Mineiro in 2018. By signing with the rival, the player ended up provoking Palmeiras and even deleted the photos with the former club on their social networks.

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