‘The Clone’ returns to ‘It’s Worth Seeing Again’: how the actors are doing

About to turn 20 since its first showing, “The Clone” will return to “It’s Worth Seeing Again” starting in October — replacing “Ti Ti Ti.”

In the novel, Giovanna Antonelli played Jade, its first protagonist. On paper, she also dictated fashion with her Arab-inspired costumes, makeup and accessories.

The character generated interest and brought Brazilians closer to Muslim culture alongside others who were marked, such as Nazira (Eliane Giardini), Khadija (Carla Diaz), Uncle Ali (Stênio Garcia), Said (Dalton Vigh), Mohamed (Antonio Calloni) , Latiffa (Letícia Sabatella), Ranya (Nivea Stelmann), Zein (Luciano Szafir) and other names.

Check out how the actors who gave life to the characters of “The Clone” are today.

‘The Clone’: how are the actors 20 years after the soap opera’s premiere