The Masked Singer BR: Boi-Bumbá sleeps in the square and has its identity revealed | It’s on the Net

Boi-Bumbá was eliminated for the nightPlayback / TV Globo

Published 09/01/2021 00:24

Rio – The Masked Singer Brasil reaches its fourth episode this Tuesday (31) and continues to drive viewers crazy. Every week those who follow the reality turn into music detectives to try to guess who the masked singers are. This week another identity was revealed, the singer Marrone, from the duo with Bruno, was all dressed up as Boi-Bumbá.

In today’s chapter, Ivete Sangalo brought help to the judges: Gil do Vigor enforced the jury bench with his irreverence and joy. This week, another participant was immune, Jacaré had the best performance in its first week and was saved this time. So the duels were on account of Monstro, Boi-Bumbá, Onça Pintada and Gata Espelhada. In the first duel, the Ox got the worst against the monster.

In sudden death, Marrone faced the Mirror Cat. In a duel between Fagner and Alicia Keys, the countryman’s performance did not charm the judges and he ended up unmasked. On social networks, internet users were surprised, even the most intuitive did not expect to find the man who slept in the square behind Boi-Bumbá’s costume. Bruno’s duo was praised (and slightly teased), as they have a good singing voice, but never sang along with their countryman partner.