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The three sisters heirs of WEG, from Jaraguá do Sul left the top 10, but still occupy a prominent place in the general ranking, with their combined fortune exceeding R$31 billion.

Forbes’ commented list with the names of the new Brazilian billionaires includes, of course, women billionaires as well. Of the 315 names in the ranking, women now occupy 60 positions on the list. It is a growth of 36% compared to 2020. Santa Catarina appear on the list and from here in the northern region of the state, as the Portal published recently.

They were in the top ten on the overall list and this year they stopped appearing. They are the sisters Valsi, Cladis and Miriam Voigt, daughters of Werner Ricardo Voigt, co-founder of WEG in Jaraguá do Sul. They own 33.33% of the WPA holding which, in turn, accounts for 50.1% of WEG. They are WEG’s main shareholders.

Together, the fortunes are estimated at R$31.99 billion. That’s why the three women of the Voigt family are still in this year’s Forbes overall ranking.

WEG Jaraguá do Sul –  Photo: Carlos Junior/NDistagram/NDWEG Jaraguá do Sul – Photo: Carlos Junior/NDistagram/ND

Female participation among billionaires has nearly doubled in five years: in 2016, there were just 32 women on the Forbes list. This year is 19% participation in the national ranking.

Number one is Vicky Sarfati Safra, 68 years old and with a net worth of R$37 billion. Widow of Joseph Safra since December of last year 2020, Vicky inherited about half of the fortune of the businessman and in the business of Banco Safra. Today, she lives in Switzerland and, in terms of heritage value, still ranks 7th among the ten richest names in Brazil in the general ranking.

Businesswoman Luiza Trajano –  Photo: Disclosure/NDBusinesswoman Luiza Trajano – Photo: Disclosure/ND

Another standout as a billionaire is Luiza Helena Trajano Inácio Rodrigues, with a fortune of R$ 23.5 billion in the Magazine Luiza empire. In the company since the 1960s, Luiza helped her uncles in customer service at the store in the interior of São Paulo, right at the start of the business. In 1991, she became President of Magazine Luiza and stayed until 2015. She is also Chairman of the Board of LuizaSeg Seguros SA

Also from the same Trajano family appear Flávia Bittar Garcia Faleiros R$ 11.18 billion. She is one of the heirs and shareholders. Gisele Trajano, R$7.2 billion and also a shareholder as heiress in Magazine Luiza.

In addition to great leaders, may the future be promising for more names of women facing business and envisioning their careers. Reference for many other adventurers in the art and battle of entrepreneurship.

The calculation for the list of Brazilian billionaires follows the criteria of the North American Forbes. Names where there is participation in companies listed on stock exchanges as the main source of information are included. The cut-off date for the calculation of equity was the closing of the first half of 2021, that is, June 30th.

The complete list is available in the edition of the Magazine available for download in application.

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