TJ do Rio authorizes Carlos Bolsonaro’s breach of bank secrecy

The TJ-RJ (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro) authorized the breach of banking and fiscal secrecy of Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ). He has been investigated by the Rio Public Prosecutor’s Office since July 2019 on suspicion of practicing cracks and naming “ghost employees” — people who did not actually work in his office at the Rio City Council.

The break was authorized by the 1st Specialized Court for Combating Organized Crime of the TJ-RJ on May 24th. Another 26 people and seven suspicious companies also had their secrecy broken.

The MP-RJ (Rio de Janeiro Public Ministry) opened two procedures to investigate the case after a report by this columnist and journalist Juliana Castro revealed in Época magazine, on June 20, 2019, that Carlos employed seven relatives of Ana Cristina Valle , second wife of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) and his ex-stepmother. In the report, two people admitted that they never worked for the councilor, although they were nominated.

The column came into contact with the defense of Carlos Bolsonaro, who denied irregularities (read below). The MP-RJ released a note informing that, “due to the secrecy decreed, it will not provide other information”.

The case of Carlos Bolsonaro began to be investigated by the former Attorney General of Rio Eduardo Gussem, who left office in January. However, after the STF (Federal Supreme Court) ruled last year that councilors do not have the right to a special forum, the case was sent to the first instance. He is currently in the 3rd Criminal Investigation Prosecutor’s Office. There is another procedure to investigate administrative improbity.

When asking for the break, the MP pointed out the fact that the councilor had used R$ 150,000 in cash to buy an apartment in Tijuca, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The data were identified in a report by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo in September last year. In addition, the MP cited the fact that the councilor performs several operations using cash values. Carlos declared to the Electoral Court that he had R$20,000 in cash at home in last year’s election and in previous elections.


Attorney Ana Cristina Valle, 51, ex-wife of Jair Bolsonaro


Carlos’ defense speaks out

The defense of councilor Carlos Bolsonaro, led by lawyer Antônio Carlos Fonseca, informed that the councilor clarified the issues related to the purchase of his apartment in Tijuca in 2005. The full note follows:

“On the facts published today by the press that mention the name of the Councilor, the defense clarifies that the acquisition of the property located in Tijuca was already the object of analysis by MP in IC 3191 and was filed, in 2005, after analysis of the financial information that showed full compatibility with income at the time.

The amount used in 2009 to pay a personal expense is also absolutely compatible with the councilor’s income. As well as the values ​​duly declared to the Electoral Court in 2020.

Finally, regarding the Coaf report, the defense did not have access to the document to verify its content, however the councilor remains available to provide any kind of clarification to the authorities.”.

Ana Cristina’s sister-in-law is one of the main targets

One of the main targets of the investigation is Professor Marta Valle, who is Ana Cristina Valle’s sister-in-law. She has always lived in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, but spent more than seven years working in Carlos’ office.

Marta was nominated from 2001 to 2009. Questioned by Época magazine, she said she never worked for Carlos Bolsonaro. “It wasn’t me, no. My husband’s family, which is Valle, who worked”. Marta Valle had a gross salary of R$ 9,600. According to the City Council, she never had a badge as an advisor.

Gilmar Marques, former partner of bodybuilder Andrea Valle, and resident of Rio Pomba, Minas Gerais, is another case. In July, the column showed recordings in which Andrea admitted that she had returned 90% of her salary when she was nominated for Flávio Bolsonaro, in the Legislative Assembly of Rio.

His corrected gross salary was R$7.9 thousand. Asked about the nomination, Gilmar said: “Oh my God. Oh, lady, you’re making me a little complicated here. Did I win? That’s where you must be wrong.” He also never had a badge in the Chamber.

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