transphobia, joke with murderer and nude

Leo Picon ended up in the most talked about subjects of the moment on Brazilian Twitter today after filming a child in Recife (PE) saying that he would teach his followers to talk to a drug dealer in the capital of Pernambuco. When posting the video, wrote: “information dealer”.

This was not the first time that the influencer became the subject of controversy. Check out the list, which includes moments like when he said he was “cheated” after kissing a trans woman, and also when he made fun of the murder Lazarus case.

transphobic speech

In April of this year, Leo Picon was asked by a follower if he had ever kissed a man, and he was transphobic in his response: “Yes. In 2015. I kissed a man in Madrid. I was with Gil Cebola, Jota Amancio, Alvaro Costa and Neymar’s father. Then I kissed the most famous transsexual in Spain at a club without knowing it was a trans. Then they told me and I was sad for being cheated. But it was cool. It was worth it. I recommend it.”

In fact, trans women are women and should be treated with feminine pronouns. The influencer apologized after the repercussion of his statement: “I took the day to reflect and learn from this mistake.”

joke with Lazarus

In June, when the main topic of national news was the search for the murderer Lázaro Barbosa, Leo Picon posted a joke with the case on his Twitter: “It is true that Lázaro is a ‘fake news’ to make people afraid to leave home and avoid the third wave?”

The comment was considered insensitive to the families of Lazarus’ victims, and Leo Picon deleted the post. He recorded a video talking about the subject, but didn’t apologize: “And for people who thought it was absurd. I’ll tell you guys. You need to suck a roll*. It doesn’t have to be mine, don’t worry. But I think it is. a good suggestion I give. You need it, old man. That’s what’s leaving you empty.”

Seat belt

In January, followers noticed that in some Instagram stories Leo Picon was driving without a seatbelt. He recorded a video while driving to respond to comments: “I have appeared in some stories without the belt. I apologize for the bad example. Seat belts save lives and we have to always be wearing it.”

It is worth remembering that using a cell phone while driving is prohibited by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), as well as the non-use of seat belts by the driver and passengers.

Nude leaked

Last year, Leo Picon’s penis accidentally appeared in his own Instagram story. He laughed at the subject: “Small things don’t shake us! I took it lightly. I laughed a lot at the way it happened and it’s okay.”

He pointed out that, although he wasn’t shaken, the matter is serious: “But I’ve seen lives weaken in the face of leaking intimate content. Think carefully about using intimate content as entertainment. Empathy is everything. I’m not victimizing myself in the face of intimate content. to this incident, we are alive! It’s just a reflection for the group”.

‘Putting in the Foot’ of Brazil

Leo Picon also became a topic on social media when he announced his position on next year’s presidential elections: “2022, between Lula, Bolsonaro and getting my European passport and stepping foot here, I already know what I’m choosing.”

Criticized, he added: “I’m aware that this tweet irritates cattle. Both PTistas and Bolsonistas. And it also makes people call me rich, as if that were wrong. I’m a young worker with lots of dreams and I want to live in a country that embraces my dreams. dreams, not in a country that goes downhill”.