UOL Flamengo #27: Gabigol broke Tite’s resistance in the Brazilian team – 08/31/2021

Gabigol is ‘the guy’ at Flamengo, but he still finds it difficult to establish himself in the Brazilian team. Although he doesn’t stand out in the national team as in the red-black team, the forward gradually managed to break Tite’s resistance and became a constant presence in the calls made by the coach.

on the podcast UOL Flamengo #27 (listen in full in the episode above), presenter Vanderlei Lima and sector player Leo Burlá talked about how the striker has already crossed a barrier with Tite and gained confidence to repeat his performances for the club from Gávea on the team.

Burlá highlighted that, little by little, the striker has been conquering space in the national team. “You can expect the performance, but they are different situations, with different teammates, Gabigol has played on the same team since 2019. If we don’t consider that this makes a lot of difference, it would be a mistake. It’s another way of thinking about Tite’s football. Gabigol managed to break a barrier. It was clear that there was some resistance from Tite, and now he is beating all calls,” he said.

For the reporter, Gabigol deserves a spot in the national team, although he has not yet had the same prominence with the yellow jersey. “It couldn’t be different. It would be unfair for him not to be in the national team today, but I think it’s a matter of sequel and he, like any striker, needs to score a little goal here and there. If he scores a goal for the national team and wins a few minutes, the natural thing is for him to go stamping his place. If the World Cup were tomorrow, he would be on the list, for sure,” he analyzed.

Brazil faces Chile, Argentina and Peru in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers. It could be the opportunity for Gabigol to have more chances with Tite and, little by little, consolidate his presence in the team. “In the national team, he went beyond the stage of not being called up, but now he’s in that of ‘I need minutes’, to win a streak. We will now see in this next window of the qualifiers how Tite will build this team,” he concluded.

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