Value of the PIS/Pasep salary bonus should increase in 2022; understand the details

With the readjustment in the value of the minimum wage in 2022, the benefit of the salary bonus will also undergo proportional changes. Understand.

Last Tuesday (08/31), the government sent the budget proposal for the year 2022. The document provides the value forecast for the minimum wage, which could increase to R$1,169 from next year. To arrive at this calculation, the government used the estimate of the INPC (National Consumer Price Index).

It is possible that the value may be revised upward depending on changes in the index. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the change in the minimum wage is directly related to the PIS/Pasep salary allowance. This is because the benefit is paid to those who worked with a formal contract or in the civil service within the reference year.

The amount does not exceed the floor of the current minimum wage. follow the allowance value forecasts if the minimum wage is R$1,169 in the year 2022:

  • 1 month worked: R$ 97.41;
  • 2 months worked: R$194.83;
  • 3 months worked: BRL 292.25;
  • 4 months worked: R$ 389.66;
  • 5 months worked: BRL 487.08;
  • 6 months worked: BRL 584.50;
  • 7 months worked: R$ 581.91;
  • 8 months worked: R$779.33;
  • 9 months worked: R$876.75;
  • 10 months worked: R$974.16;
  • 11 months worked: BRL 1,071.58;
  • 12 months worked: BRL 1,169.00.

Remembering that the Pis allowance is intended for formal workers who performed their duties in at least one month of the reference year. The Pasep benefit is aimed at public employees who also worked in the year in question.

As main requirements, in both cases, the beneficiaries cannot receive more than two minimum wages in monthly income.