Vasco updates shield and changes the club’s visual identity; see the result

“Review and update, without losing roots”. It was based on this premise that Vasco da Gama announces some changes in its shield. According to the club, the redesign presents a “balanced and harmonious graphic solution, enabling the creation of a more coherent and up-to-date visual identity”. Despite the announcement, they are, in fact, almost imperceptible changes.

The main adjustments were made to the shield, which had irregular thickness in shape, now fixed. The CR and VG monograms have also been changed and feature typographic pattern alignment. The white band, one of the main features of the shield, has a standard 45º angle in the new format. The cross continues to have a prominent place. The caravel did not have the same styles of lines and details, now it has this pattern.

“A pioneer club like Vasco needs to keep up with market trends, which are undergoing a movement of brand and identity modernization. And its centenary history, which carries glories, struggles, achievements and purposes, also needs to be in constant evolution, without forgetting our origins”, the club added in a statement.

Vasco also highlighted that the update brings countless business possibilities, in addition to generating content creations and the development of licensed products, with the expectation of greater revenue generation and brand appreciation.

The new brand is already being used in the club’s official accounts and on the official website.