Vasco’s Creditors Committee asks for a 30% pledge on the sale of Arthur Sales | Vasco

A few hours after announcing the sale of Arthur Sales, Vasco was the target of another request for attachment. The Creditors Committee, a group that charges the execution of R$ 93.5 million in labor debts, requested the court to block 30% of the value of the negotiation.

The order, made this Tuesday afternoon, almost four hours after the club had confirmed the negotiation, has not yet been analyzed.. Judge Fernando Reis de Abreu, centralization manager of the Regional Labor Court of the 1st Region, will assess the case.

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According to the ge, the sale of 80% of the rights of the 19-year-old attacking midfielder was for US$ 3 million (R$ 15.4 million) – the São Januário club preserved the other 20%. If the request is accepted, the Creditors’ Committee will have R$ 4.6 million of what will be paid by the Belgian team Lommel SK.

Arthur Sales was negotiated with Belgian club — Photo: Vitor Brügger/Vasco

The Creditors Committee was formed after the Labor Act was canceled – Vasco failed to comply with some benefit rules. They are former employees of the club who won their claims in court and are awaiting payment of amounts totaling R$93.5 million. To this end, the TRT-1 created the Special Regime for Forced Execution (REEF) which, unlike the Act, collects the debt at once.

Request for attachment of the sale of Arthur Sales by Vasco — Photo: Reproduction

Recently, Judge Fernando Reis de Abreu, TRT-1’s centralization manager, pledged a series of revenues from the club. You have now received the specific request to block the sale until the pledge is confirmed.

Vasco appealed against the establishment of REFF. Initially, the request was denied. However, it still tries to overthrow it because it understands that it conflicts with the Centralized Execution Regime (RCE), a possibility created with the recent club-company law in Brazil. The club will present a debt installment payment plan, which allocates 20% of the income within six years.