Virgínia Fonseca Zé Felipe’s wife goes viral dancing at Kwai goes viral on the internet

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Video by Virgínia Fonseca Zé Felipe’s wife dancing at Kwai goes viral on the internet

Virginia Fonseca consecrated himself for good on the internet, wife of zé Felipe son of Leonardo the blonde has been most successful with her relaxed way of dealing with followers, present on major digital platforms such as Kwai and Tik TOk, the blonde has gained thousands of followers and millions of views.

After all, it was in the application of videos like Tik Tok that Zé Felipe saw Virgínia Fonseca for the first time, according to him it was love at first sight. Soon they started dating coming soon after the wedding.

Tecno Notícias this Tuesday (31) found that Virgínia Fonseca has a total of 25 million followers on Instagram alone, posts on this social network are much more moderate.

Virginia Fonseca dances #Paranoia – Lionel and Lais Bianchessi

Virginia shares click with her family and especially with her daughter, her last post a day ago got more than two million likes. Along with the photo Virgínia Fonseca captioned “3 months of my little princess!!! Oh Maria, you still have no idea how good it is for me!!! You arrived when nothing was making sense to me, the only thing I wanted was to work, work, work, I didn’t have an ideal of life… when I found out about my pregnancy, I went into depression and felt bad until I found out that it would be my Maria Alice, after I discovered everything changed, I never had any doubts about what I wanted for my life, today everything I do is for you and for you Mali! I’m so grateful to God for your life and so grateful to your daddy for giving me the best gift ever, you! I write this text with tears”.