Volkswagen to launch six hybrid flex cars in Brazil in 5 years

THE Volkswagen is one of the brands that invest the most in the energy transition. With several electric car launches scheduled for the next few years, the German brand speaks properly about electrification, mainly in Europe, but in Brazil the scenario is different and this path will still pass through hybrid cars.

In an interview with Newspaper, the president of Volkswagen in South America, Pablo Di Si, spoke about the global process of electrifying the German brand’s cars, but emphasized that Brazil still lacks an adequate infrastructure for electric cars.

Thus, the number one executive of the brand in the country declared that the recipe for our market will be hybrid ethanol cars, a pioneering solution by the Japanese Toyota here that the German brand did not initially consider for the country, but which is now part of of the plans.

According to Di Si’s speech to sheet, O “The future of the fleet is the electric hybrid car, which will also run on ethanol”. He emphasizes that this is the most suitable solution for a country with continental dimensions like Brazil and that no one is going to invest in an electric car, which costs more, to run only in the city.

Speaking of electrification, Volkswagen kicked off here with the Golf GTE, a plug-in hybrid version that arrived in the country in 2019 and is no longer for sale. It is worth remembering that the German brand is part of the Plug&Go project, together with EDP, which aims to encourage people to use electric and hybrid cars and also inaugurated 30 charging stations in the Center-South region of the country – charging is free and the stations are located in a 2,500 km corridor, which runs from Espírito Santo to Santa Catarina.

Finally, came the announcement that Volkswagen will launch six hybrid flex vehicles in Brazil. This is part of the brand’s new strategy, with the approval by the headquarters in Germany of the adaptation to flex technology of some in-line hybrid system engines in Europe for emerging markets. However, it is still not clear which models will be ‘converted’ around here.

It is worth remembering that the matrix recently approved the creation of a research and development center for biofuels in Brazil, which will be a reference for emerging countries in new energy solutions, including possibilities with ethanol.

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Source: Folha de SP