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Far Cry 6, the newest game in the Ubisoft franchise, is scheduled for release on October 7, 2021 for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC ( via Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store). O TechAll was invited by the developer to test a demo version of the new game and knew in advance all the news of the sixth title in the action series. Next, get to know the details and all that’s new in Far Cry 6.

🎮 Far Cry 6 has release date and gameplay details revealed

WE TESTED FAR CRY 6!  First impressions of the new Ubisoft game

WE TESTED FAR CRY 6! First impressions of the new Ubisoft game

Far Cry 6 is set in Yara, an “island in the heart of the Caribbean” marked by extremely rich natural landscapes and decaying urban centers. After a violent revolution, Yara stopped in time and remained isolated from contact with other nations for 50 years.

At the beginning of the game, the country is on the verge of collapse and is ruled by Antón Castillo, played by actor Giancarlo Esposito, known as the character Gus Fring in Breaking Bad. Yara’s dictator intends to rescue his country’s glory at any cost, along with his son, Diego, who is as bloodthirsty as his father.

Players assume the role of Dani Rojas, who can be played as a male or female character. Yara’s native fights in the current revolutionary guerrilla to free the island. The battles against Castilho’s regime take place amidst jungles, beaches and Yara’s capital, Esperanza.

The main character, Dani Rojas, can be played as a man or a woman — Photo: Divulgação/Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 is not concerned with changing the same gameplay formula of the latest titles in the franchise. The game has only a few punctual changes in certain mechanics. Amidst a lot of gunfire and explosions, the player will have to complete missions of the main campaign to defeat the great villain of the narrative, while collecting resources across the map to make improvements to their equipment.

At the same time there is also the possibility of doing side missions to increase your arsenal, explore the map and better develop your skills. The player will be able to use vehicles to move faster, such as cars, helicopters and horses, in addition to the possibility of transporting immediately with the “quick trip” in saved points. It is also possible to use battle tanks in certain missions.

O TechAll tested the game via streaming, with all graphics resources at maximum and we can say that the scenario presents beautiful graphics. The characters, mainly the villain Antón Castillo and the protagonist, are also very well worked, especially in the cinematics. However, as is usual in Ubisoft games, the game leaves something to be desired in the details of the animations, which can interfere a little in the immersion of players.

The game’s soundtrack is a positive point for the title, using and abusing the songs in the style of Caribbean regions. The soundtrack is present at all times, whether in the action, tension or relaxation parts. In fact, in one of the main campaign missions, the protagonist sets fire to one of the villain’s plantations, a direct reference to a classic Far Cry 3 mission. In the background, the classic Bela Ciao from La Casa de Papel plays, but it’s of course, in a Caribbean version.

Having animals as helpers in battles is nothing new in Far Cry, however in this year’s version the developer created so-called “Parks”. More charismatic creatures like the Crocodile Guapo and the puppy Chorizo, each with their specific abilities.

Chorizo ​​is one of the animals that can help you in combat — Photo: Ubisoft Disclosure

Ubisoft also decided to add a gear with a special move or a kind of “ultimate”, also seen in games like Overwatch or Valorant. Called “Supreme”, the more enemies are defeated, the faster this “special” bar fills. Thus, the player can use it both to blow up opponents and to heal himself. This change brings a new dynamic to combat, which is a positive point and much requested by fans of the franchise.

In Far Cry 6 we have the opportunity to play with the camera in third person, but only inside the guerrilla camps. This option leaves a feeling that the feature could be explored further in the franchise. It’s worth keeping an eye on whether, in the future, Ubisoft will better explore the alternative, which matches the style of the game.

Far Cry 6 offers the possibility of playing in third person, but only inside the camps — Photo: Reproduction/Fernando Braga

Despite the launch of Far Cry 6 on October 7th, fans of the franchise can already pre-order the game. PC versions range from R$249.99 for the common version, R$349.99 for the Gold and R$399.99 for the Ultimate Edition.

Those who want to play on Microsoft or Sony consoles will pay R$279.95 in the common version, R$412.45 in Gold and R$499.95 in the Ultimate option. Each of these editions has a few more features such as item packs.

The villain Antón Castillo is played by actor Giancarlo Esposito — Photo: Ubisoft Disclosure

Far Cry 6 brings all the characteristics of a good first person adventure game with FPS game elements. Mixing action, craft and exploration moments, players are guaranteed many hours of content and gameplay. Faithful fans of the series will find the entire formula for success in the franchise, as always with an interesting antagonist.

For those who have never played any game from the Far Cry series, the game can be even more interesting because it won’t suffer from the title’s main flaw: the lack of innovation. It is certainly a fun experience to explore the entire island of Yara, through beautiful tropical landscapes, and unravel the plot behind the game.