What now, Apple? Android users lost interest in switching to the iPhone in 2021, poll says

Apple, on the verge of launching the iPhone 13, may be facing customer acquisition problems in 2021, which could translate into reduced demand for the new generation of mobile phones. flagship compared to last year.

According to a survey by SellCell, Android users — needless to say it is iOS’s biggest rival — are not very interested in switching from their current devices to the iPhone 13. Compared to anticipated demand for the iPhone 12 in 2020, purchase intent dropped 14.8%.

Going back to last year, 33.1% of Google’s operating system users were interested in migrating to the iPhone 12. This year, a new survey carried out with 5,000 Android users in the United States, points out that a portion of only 18.3% consider migrating to iPhone 13.

The metrics still reveal that, among the models expected for the new series, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most quoted among Android users, with 39.8% of the purchase interest. The iPhone 13 Pro is second with 36.1%; the iPhone 13 holds 19.5%; and the iPhone 13 mini is the least popular, with just 4.6 percent of those interested.

This data reflects the same characteristics of the previous generation, with the most advanced model at the top of the intentions and the miniature phone with a 5.4-inch screen and battery issues without much demand.

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29 Aug

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Factors driving the interest of users of the rival platform include increased software support (51.4%), Apple ecosystem benefits (23.8%) and more privacy (11.4%).

On the other hand, device shortages include the absence of a fingerprint reader (31.9%); limited customization on iOS (16.7%); lack of support for sideloaded apps, that is, not hosted on the App Store (12.8%); lack of interest in general design and hardware (12.1%); and rejection of the controversial pedophilia detection feature integrated in the system (10.4%).

The survey could threaten predictions that Apple’s growth is twice as high compared to Android phones, and it agrees with big tech’s record drop in consumer loyalty in China. On the other hand, the technological giant is still heating the machines and intends to increase its production by 20%.

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(Updated on August 31, 2021, at 5:28 pm)