Whindersson Nunes makes emotional statement after son’s death

Whindersson Nunes
Whindersson Nunes (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@juniormarques)

the comedian Whindersson Nunes he confessed to his followers that he woke up on Tuesday (31), full of longing in his chest. Through Twitter, the famous man vented about how much he misses his son, John Michael.

Despite the feeling of missing the little one, which was fruit of his relationship with digital influencer Maria Lina, the artist showed himself well resolved and said that he would soon pass.

“I woke up missing João Miguel so much. I wish I had met that guy. He was going to be a nice guy, but it will pass”, declared the little boy died a few days after his birth, after giving birth prematurely in May of this year.

“I avoid talking to anyone about this because I know they’re going to say something that I’m going to be upset about, and I really am. ‘Maybe God was preparing something.’ No friend, I don’t believe that God makes a game with other people’s children, don’t worry about it”, he concluded.

Among the comments, fans showed solidarity and sent messages of support to the idol. “Worst thing the world is religious without a clue consoling others“, criticized an admirer.

“Huh. I’ve heard it so much… It still hurts. It’s been 8 years and it still hurts! Then they say: how are you still sad? You had another daughter! Oh yes of course, son is now sneakers, he ruined one, buy another one. Pqp saw it”, said a follower.

Declaration to the child

After announcing the death of his son, Whindersson confessed that he was very shaken with everything he was going through, but during the period that João Miguel was hospitalized, he even wrote a song in his honor.

“For João Miguel… Son, I wrote this song at the hospital, I wanted you to hear it on your way out, attesting to the greatest miracle. And you left, not for home, but for the best home, alongside the best,” he wrote.

“Sorry people talk about you, so little, without you being able to defend yourself. I really try to understand… Maybe that’s one of the reasons He sweated blood in the Gethsemane prayer. It must be very difficult to love all of humanity until the last second. He loved so much that blood dripped from his body, with so much love for us. And I try not to hate whoever wished my son bad, but I’m human, my heart feels like it’s going to disappear inside and swallow my chest,” he continued.

And continued: “So beautiful. I saw myself in you, dreamed of you in my arms climbing on stage. So much, son, so much… I loved meeting you son, from the bottom of my heart. I loved seeing you, I loved the 24 hours with you, every little bump in Mom’s belly, every somersault, and I’m sorry for all these people. Where you are will give you understanding.”

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