Why São Paulo celebrates and Atlético-MG regrets the sale of a Brazilian from Barcelona to Tottenham

O tottenham announced, on Tuesday (31), the hiring of right-back Emerson Royal, in a deal of around 25 million euros (R$ 152 million) with the Barcelona. In Brazil, the news interests the São Paulo and to Atlético-MG.

With the sale of the Brazilian, the tricolor club will be entitled to 250 thousand euros (R$ 1.51 million), that is, 1% of the value of the negotiation, as it was the player’s home at the beginning of his formation.

He was picked up by scouts at the age of 10, but FIFA only starts calculating the seasons for calculation from the age of 12 onwards. Thus, as Emerson stayed in Cotia until he was 15, São Paulo will receive 0.25% of each of the four seasons, as a reward for being the trainer.

In Belo Horizonte, the athlete played between 2018 and 2019, before leaving Brazil. In this way, Galo will earn only 0.5%, that is, 125 thousand euros (R$ 763 thousand), of the transfer value. However, he could earn much more if Emerson were successful in the Barça shirt.

This is because in his contract there was a bonus clause if he completed 30 games for the Catalan club, but he only played in just three. If the clause were triggered, for example, the Minas Gerais team would earn more than 1 million euros (about R$6.2 million) in the deal.

Tottenham and Barcelona return to the field on September 11, for the Premier League and by Laliga, respectively, with LIVE broadcast by ESPN on Star+.

Sports fans will also be able to follow Atlético-MG in the semifinals of the Libertadores Conmebol, in front of the palm trees, by ESPN on Star+. For more information and sign up, Click here.