With a gigantic map, Far Cry 6 promises to be the franchise’s most ambitious open world

With 11 games already released, Far cry it’s one of those franchises where we already have an idea of ​​what to expect with each project announced.

And with Far Cry 6 is no different. The game promises to recycle the formula and the elements that worked in its predecessors, but giving a little tweak in some aspects.

To better understand what’s coming, we had the opportunity to check out the first hours of the game and talk to ben hall, open world director, and Stephanie Brenham, leader of the 3D programming team.

Another Far Cry, but with DNA changes

The history of Far Cry 6 is set in Yara, a nation ruled by Antón Castillo, a tyrant who is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to get what he wants.

The player is Dani Rojas, a guerrilla (or guerrilla) who needs to help local rebel forces to dismantle the feared El Presidente’s forces and put an end to their rule of terror.

But of course it won’t be that easy, and Dani won’t be alone either: he’ll have a bunch of NPCs with quests and activities to help him get strong enough for the task.

It is possible to choose to play with a male or female version of Dani

The first few hours featured a fair amount of story missions, which already showed a pattern: quite long and focused on action. In addition to constantly featuring fun and whimsical characters.

A highlight for Juan Cortez, who, a few minutes after meeting Dani, already sends his pet alligator, who wears a sweatshirt, to kill an enemy.

The alligator is also part of a new mechanic: companion animals. As the game progresses, it will be possible to unlock some pussies to help in the fights, such as a puppy in a wheelchair and a killer rooster.

The gameplay, in general, maintains the structure of the other titles in the franchise, adding few changes, such as a cell phone to tag enemies, horses that can be used as a mount and a supreme skill.

There’s room for a stealthy approach too, but (as you’d expect) the Rambo style remains the most pleasurable in a Far cry.

Chorizo ​​is one of the cutest (and most dangerous!) companions in the game

Regarding the narrative, you could see that there is a different tone from the others Far cry. Dani is just one more among the guerrillas, and this world — the Yara nation — lives independently of him.

The impression is that there is no direct relationship between the protagonist and the villain since the beginning of the game, which was one of the strengths of its predecessors, since Far Cry 3 with Vaas.

At least for the first few hours, there was no direct approach between the two, which made him lose that feeling that the antagonist could appear at any moment.

But if you think about the context of the story, it makes sense. After all, Antón is the president, and obviously he won’t be wandering around the island alone just to poke at Dani’s wounds.

ambitious open world

Despite missing a relationship between Dani and Antón, this is reflected in the way the open world of Far Cry 6 is built.

According to the director ben hall, Yara is the most ambitious map ever. Far cry. And believe me: it’s really huge.

But the developer didn’t say “ambitious” because of its size. Divided into several regions and islands, the idea is that Yara looks like a real nation.

“[Yara] it was based on the idea of ​​building a nation that you can fight for as a guerrilla. […] So every system you expect to see in a fully operational country is there and adds new layers of gameplay, more verticality for example. The posts also allow for different types of approach, which greatly affects the pace of a game like Far cry”.

With this, the open world aims to encourage players to explore, to prevent them from just advancing from mission to mission.

The developers, then, sought to make this universe more immersive and eye-catching, “mixing elements that fans liked from previous titles with news and taking advantage of the high performance of current consoles”.

Yara is a living world that wasn’t created with the player in mind, and Dani who needs to adapt to its rules (not the other way around). One of the examples given by Hall is the new system of holsters, in which it is possible to store and hide your weapons in areas of strong militarism so as not to get into gratuitous trouble.

Another novelty was explained by Stephanie Brenham, who leads 3D programming, which adds “an extra layer of detail in the open world”: the dynamic time system.

Weathers have an effect on other elements and even NPCs. Rain, for example, can erase and dispel poisons, causing consequences for the player, who can use this to their advantage during gameplay.

What to expect from Far Cry 6?

There is immense potential for Far Cry 6 be the biggest chapter of the franchise, mainly in terms of the open world.

The setting rescues that highly dangerous island feeling of Far Cry 3, and the map is really gigantic and full of optional activities.

The story, on the other hand, is unknown, as it has a different tone and does not make it so clear which path it will follow. Unlike other villains in the saga, who ooze eccentricity, Antón is more imposing, ruthless and fatal.

We can only wait to see what the complete experience of becoming a guerrilla in this universe will be like.

Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia and Luna.