Yudi Tamashiro and Mila, from the hit ‘Tudo Ok’, start dating – Entertainment

After a month with so many separations in the world of the famous, a new couple formed. Yudi Tamashiro and Mila, from the hit Everything is OK, took up the relationship this Tuesday (31).

The lovebirds posted the same sequence of photos on social media to share the news with fans and followers. The singer declared herself to the beloved and said she had waited “8 years for this”. That’s because the two had a relationship in the past, exactly eight years ago, and now they’ve decided to give their relationship another chance.

“Everything became new. And I said yes to you. I said yes to our love. I said yes to our story… And finally it all makes sense. Rest assured, it’s okay now. Because we’re exactly as we should be together. I love you,” wrote Mila.

Yudi, in turn, used an excerpt from Don Juan, song by singer Belo, to talk about the relationship: “I’ve been listening to this song by my brother Belo for 8 years, waiting for this moment. Te amo”.

In the comments, fans and friends cheered the news and wished the new couple well.

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