Yudi Tamashiro takes on romance with singer: ‘I hid for so long’ | celebrities

Yudi Tamashiro and singer Mila start datingReproduction/Instagram

Posted 31/08/2021 15:01 | Updated 08/31/2021 15:01

Rio – Yudi Tamashiro surprised his followers, this Tuesday (31), when he started dating singer-songwriter Mila through his social networks. The new couple exchanged statements on Instagram and thrilled the web with the ad. The presenter even used an excerpt from the song “Don Juan”, by Belo, to reveal the result of an old passion.

“I want you much more than yesterday, and today much less than tomorrow! I hid for so long, but today I confess I’m your fan,” wrote Yudi, quoting the romantic ballad. “I’ve been listening to this song by my brother Belo for 8 years, waiting for this moment. I love you”, declared the former presenter of “Bom Dia e Cia.”, by SBT.

Meanwhile, Mila, who hosts the program “HERvolution” on RedeTV!, wrote a special text for the beloved in the publication’s caption in which the two appear hugged. “Everything was made new. And I said yes to you. I said yes to our love. I said yes to our story… Thank you for praying 8 years for this! God is perfect!!! And finally everything makes sense. Don’t worry, that everything is fine now. Because we are exactly as we should be: Together! I love you.”

The dating announcement comes a few days after Yudi commented on Priscilla Alcântara’s statements about rumors that the two were together during the period in which they headed SBT’s children’s attraction. In an interview with a podcast, the singer said she felt uncomfortable with the rumors, while her friend liked the situation.

Following Stories, the presenter apologized to his colleague and admitted that he encouraged rumors. “Priscilla was saying that she was irritated that every time they asked if she and I were dating I said yes. Wow, poor thing. Priscilla, I’m sorry, you suffered at my hand, I was really teasing,” declared Yudi.