Zé Felipe’s mother gets emotional about her son’s pet. Look

Virginia Fonseca and Zé Felipe surprised the singer’s mother, Poliana Rocha, after the journalist lost a pet, Petra, drowning victim. The couple gifted the woman of Leonardo common new puppy, of the same breed, bulldog. The news was revealed by Poliana on her Instagram Stories this Tuesday (31). “Look at what Zé and Virgínia brought and put here on my bed”, showed the woman from the sertanejo, captioning: “They don’t exist!”.

With a choked voice, Maria Alice’s paternal grandmother, who is now three months old, continued. “I’m speechless, thrilled,” she said, recently honored by YouTuber. Afterwards, Poliana showed the family’s new pet playing and gaining affection. The pet was also named Petra, just like the previous pet.

Days before, Poliana had already shown her good relationship with her daughter-in-law by thanking her for the help she gave her. “Virginia encouraged me a lot, supported me. Maybe she didn’t even realize it, but I’m grateful for that. She supported me, helped me. I didn’t know how to make videos, she taught me a lot, she still teaches me”, pointed out journalist.

Virgínia and Zé Felipe share toothbrushes

Together for about a year and two months, the digital influencer and the countryman share the same toothbrush, revealed the American. “Now I’m going to brush my dentures. Just kidding (laughs). Oh, Zé ​​Felipe, I’m going to have to change my brush. That’s it, I was going to get another brush, but there’s no more brush because all brushes now belong to Zé Felipe , he uses them all. There’s no new brush in the drawer, I’m going to use this one right here, which is mine/his too,” stated Virgínia.

Prohibited when trying to record videos in a store, YouTuber said on another occasion that she only bought clothes once for her daughter. “No, I get everything. I don’t know how to buy the ‘train’ no. I bought some clothes to go to Gramado (Rio Grande do Sul where the family was a few weeks ago). I even mentioned on the plane that I want to buy Maria Alice some things. But I’m going to buy accessories, you know?”, he continued talking to the fans.

Virginia admitted frustration over daughter rejecting breastfeeding

Always interacting with fans, YouTuber spoke openly about the problem she had when trying to breastfeed Maria Alice. “I had plans to exclusively breastfeed her until she was six months old, but no one had told me that it was so difficult (…). My chest cracked, lasered, but that wasn’t exactly what bothered me. The problem was milk production,” he reported.

“She slept on my chest and I thought I had satiated her hunger, but no. In the 6-day consultation, the pediatrician said that she had lost the 10% weight she could lose in 10 days and that I had to come back with the formula. After a few days, she would stay on the breast for 5 minutes and reject it, because I didn’t have any milk. I had never talked about it, because it was something I really wanted and was not able to do. Come the demands for what I’m not to blame. I felt insufficient with myself,” she said.