327 migrants found in ‘subhuman’ conditions in Mexico | World

A total of 327 migrants, including about 120 minors, were found huddled together in “subhuman” conditions in a house in Nuevo Leon, a state in northern Mexico, the Mexican government reported on Tuesday (31).

The Secretary of the Interior detailed that the house is in the city of Cadereyta and was located after some immigrants went to a hospital in the region to visit an inpatient.

“The 327 foreign migrants were left without food and water and in inhumane, crowded, vulnerable and unsanitary conditions that put their lives at risk,” the secretary said in a statement.

Mexican authorities did not specify the migrants’ nationalities or their destination.

Cadereyta is a town about 40 km from Monterrey and less than 250 km from the US border, on a migrant route because it is one of the shortest through Mexico.

Most of the migrants crossing the country are from Central America and are destined for the USA. But Mexican immigration authorities often deport detainees.

The discovery takes place as two caravans, with a few hundred people, advance in Chiapas, a state in southern Mexico. The groups roam the highway trying to bypass National Guard operations to stop them.

Fleeing the violence and poverty in their countries, Central Americans try to reach the US in search of refuge. But the Mexican government has deployed more than 27,000 national and military guards to curb illegal migration across the country.

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