9-year-old girl needs to shave her hair after progressive done without her father’s knowledge

A girl of just 9 years old had to shave her hair after a hairdresser performed the progressive procedure without the girl’s father being aware of the case. According to maintenance foreman José Flávio Sousa, 38, daughter Yasmin is psychologically shaken and doesn’t want to leave the house for anything.

According to an article in Crescer magazine, the girl lives with her father in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, São Paulo, and on July 17, she was taken by Flávio to a salon near his house.

The idea was for her to moisturize her curly hair. However, the result did not turn out as expected. “Since I knew and trusted the hairdresser, I left my daughter in the salon, but when I came back she was doing progressive work at Yasmin, without my permission. I even asked if it would be a problem, but she said it was an organic progressive”, he said.

According to the girl’s father, he didn’t know much about hair procedures and thought that the hairdresser would only apply cream to his daughter’s hair. However, two days later, Yasmin began to have itchy hair and started vomiting, in addition to having a swollen eye.

Frightened by the situation, the girl’s father took her to a health clinic. At the scene, she was diagnosed with a mild allergy and returned home. However, in the days that followed, the girl’s situation only got worse. “She didn’t open her eyes very well,” her father said.

He then took her once more to the hospital. This time, she had to stay in hospital and was medicated with anti-allergy and antibiotics. After 12 days, she still didn’t get better and she had to shave the girl’s hair to drain the fluid from her head because of a serious infection.

The family suspects that the hairdresser used formaldehyde in the procedure. However, according to the child’s father, the professional denies having used the prohibited substance. After 28 days in the hospital, Flávio says that his daughter is already recovering.

However, her head is still very sensitive. In addition, he also says that the girl’s psychology is very shaken. Now the girl’s family is collecting documents to file a lawsuit against the salon.

“I can’t let go of what happened to my daughter,” he said. The Crescer report contacted the hairdresser so that she could comment on the case. However, she said she would not comment over the phone.

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