Accused of plagiarizing Pabllo Vittar, Juliette erases the cover of her new album

On the eve of the release of her first album, Juliette Freire erased the cover she had released on social networks this Wednesday (1st/9). The decision of Paraíba would have occurred shortly after she was accused of plagiarizing the work of Pabllo Vittar.

Juliette shared with the audience the cover of her eponymous EP, which will have six tracks. In the image, the influencer appears in the center, looking up and with her face multiplied.

“It’s time to take on my best face. Meet the cover of my dream! Music has always been my refuge, it takes me to beautiful places… Here I am! My EP will be available tomorrow on all streaming platforms”, he wrote in the publication’s caption.

Netizens, however, pointed out that Juliette’s cover with the cover of Indestructible, a song by Pabllo Vittar, which used the same holographic effect, known as a prism.

Shortly after the reviews, the singer deleted the first release and uploaded a new post on her social media profiles. The cover also has the prism effect, but only in an artist’s shading.

In the comments on the new cover, a fan asked: “Why did it change, woman?”. Other netizens quickly responded: “The haters were talking about plagiarism,” commented one. “She had posted another cover, which was the same as a Pabllo Vittar record, it was wrong, deleted the photo and posted another option,” said another.