Actor Sérgio Mamberti is intubated in São Paulo with a ‘delicate’ frame

Actor Sérgio Mamberti, 82, has been intubated since last Saturday (28) in São Paulo. According to the artist’s son, TV Globo director Fabrício Mamberti, he was hospitalized with kidney dysfunction and pneumonia, and his picture is “very delicate”.

In an interview for Patrícia Kogut’s column in Jornal O Globo, Fabrício said that his father has already been hospitalized three times in 2021:

This year has been tough for him. […] In the penultimate one (in July), he had pneumonia, resolved it and returned home. But there were a lot of medications, and it ended up affecting his kidneys a little. He spent three weeks at home and began to experience kidney dysfunction, which changed his blood pressure. Again, he had to go back to the ICU. And, as it is in a position without much movement, the lung again began to have water and, with that, a new pneumonia formed. Fabricio Mamberti

The director reported that, because he was lying down for a long time, the actor’s musculature began to be affected, but that the pneumonia had already been treated:

“We already tried to extubate on Monday. They are now working on this part of the musculature. […] He is very thin, he had the resistance to extubate. So, the fight right now is for his extubation and muscle strengthening. The state is very delicate, but we are hopeful. Mamberti is strong. My father is a fighter. We’re watching him closely, hoping he can get out of this one,” concluded Fabrício.