Actress receives death threats after being identified as Caio Castro’s affair

Named as a supposed affair of Caio Castro, actress Larissa Bonesi revealed that she started to receive death threats because of this rumor. This Wednesday (1st), the artist denied having any relationship with the end of the relationship between the actor and Grazi Massafera.

“It hurt me a lot, my whole family. In the messages I’m getting, there are people saying that if I go out on the street, they’ll kill me. I don’t even have the courage to leave the apartment”, explained Larissa in an interview with Fofocalizador, from SBT.

In conversations with Chris Flores, Ana Paula Renault, Gabriel Cartolano, Flor Fernandez and Gaby Cabrini, the Netflix star in India said that he has had a brief relationship with Castro in the past, which lasted only two months. “We’re friends! I have great admiration for him, for the person, for the professional”, reinforced the actress.

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“We don’t talk [após a divulgação da notícia]. I learned that he was separated by the news, he was still in India. While packing my bags, I received a print. I said: ‘Me? Separation pivot?’ No, no, something is wrong, I freaked out. I even deleted the app from my phone, as I was never the reason for the separation. I would never put myself in a situation like that”, reinforced Larissa.

Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera confirmed the end of the relationship last Sunday (29). At the time, the actor denied any betrayal and expressed his anger at the speculation involving the name of Larissa. “Inventing a story of betrayal is nothing more than lack of respect,” he complained.

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