After the certificate ‘cancelled’, the alleged lobbyist for the company testifies to the CPI

After having his medical certificate “cancelled”, the alleged lobbyist for Necessidade Medicamentos Marconny Albernaz Faria testifies today to Covid’s CPI.

Marconny had presented a certificate stating that he had pelvic pain and was admitted to the Syrian-Lebanese hospital, according to the top of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission. The certificate allowed him to stay away for 20 days — the period coincides with the expected end of the CPI, according to the rapporteur, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL).

However, after the senators distrusted the certificate and questioned the hospital, the vice president of the commission, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), informed that the doctor responsible for the opinion got in touch and said he had noticed a “simulation by the patient ” and wanted to “cancel” the document.

Need Medicines was the intermediary in the negotiations for the purchase of the Covaxin vaccine. In testimony to the CPI, federal deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF) and his brother, Luis Ricardo Miranda, a civil servant at the Ministry of Health, spoke about suspected irregularities involving this contract.

Upon hearing a complaint about the case, the Miranda brothers said, Bolsonaro would have said that Ricardo Barros could be involved in the “roll”. This denies any wrongdoing.

The value of the deal for Covaxin, of R$ 1.6 billion, was even pledged (reserved for this purpose) by the federal government. The agreement, however, ended up suspended after the Miranda brothers brought to light suspicions of corruption within the ministry and possible internal pressure for the import process to be accelerated, even in the face of contractual inconsistencies.

Last Thursday (26), the CPI revealed messages, previously under wraps, which point to an alleged attempt to favor the Precise Medicines in purchase from the Ministry of Health of rapid tests to detect the new coronavirus. The scheme would count on Marconny’s participation, the senators indicated.