Allowance, insurance and benefits change with the new minimum wage of BRL 1,169 from 2022

In addition to the basic remuneration of salaried workers, the new projection of the minimum wage of R$ 1,169, foreseen for 2022, changes other points. The new value was predetermined according to the Annual Budget Bill (PLOA) sent by the government to Congress this Tuesday (31).

The increase in the minimum wage in the new projection reaches 6.2% in relation to the current value of the national floor until December, which is R$ 1,100. The country’s high inflation rates impacted the new expected rise in the national floor.

Among the changes provided for by the new minimum wage are benefits from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), unemployment insurance, judicial indemnity and the PIS/Pasep salary bonus. Understand now, what changes!

Benefits paid by INSS

The minimum floor for benefits paid by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) is the same value as the minimum wage. Therefore, with the increase of the national floor to BRL 1,169 according to the new forecast, all policyholders who currently receive BRL 1,100, such as retirement, pension and sick pay, will have an increase of BRL 69 in the benefit amount .

Another benefit paid by the INSS that will also undergo an adjustment is the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) which, in addition to the adjustment in value, going to R$ 1,169, one of the main requirements is that the monthly family income must also change.

As a rule, the BPC is intended for families with a monthly per capita income of 1/4 of the minimum wage. Thus, with the new projection, families with an income of up to R$ 292.25 per capita will be able to receive the Benefit. In 2021, the requirement is R$275, that is, a four of R$1,100.

PIS/Pasep salary allowance

Workers with a formal contract, military, civil servants and other employees of public companies also suffer changes with the correction of the minimum wage.

The amount paid for the salary bonus follows the new minimum wage. Therefore, workers will receive up to R$1,169 in 2022. It is worth remembering that the PIS/Pasep is paid proportionally to the period worked, for example, those who worked only one month in the base year will receive 1/12 of R$1,169, those who worked two months will receive 2/12 of R$1,169 and so on.

Unemployment insurance

The readjustment of the wage floor also impacts the minimum amount paid in unemployment insurance. It is worth remembering that the benefit varies according to the worker’s salary, however, no worker can receive less than one salary, so unemployment insurance will pay a minimum amount of R$ 1,169 in 2022.

Indemnity of Justice – RPV

The Union’s judicial creditors, who have payments of Small Claims, also called RPV, are corrected with a readjustment of the national floor.

This occurs because, in Special Civil Courts, the maximum ceiling for RPV is 40 minimum wages, therefore, with the readjustment of the national floor at R$1169, the RPV value will rise from R$44 thousand to R$46,760.

In the case of Special Federal Courts, the maximum payment ceiling for RPV is 60 minimum wages, so it will increase from R$ 66 thousand to R$ 70,140